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How do I get my Gross Polluter certified?

If your vehicle is tested and fails as a Gross Polluter, you must have it repaired and then have another Smog Check inspection to certify those repairs. A Gross Polluter  designation means 2.5 times the allowed limit. In some cases, the emissions could be deadly if a young child or small pet is exposed to it such as sitting in a car that is idling or where there is an exhaust leak that allows the fumes to enter the cabin of the vehicle.


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 Why a STAR Smog Check?

Additionally, under mandate, 30% of vehicles in Enhanced Areas must be inspected at STAR Stations for SmogCheck. DMV informs motorists of this requirement through the renewal notice.  Income eligible STAR directed consumers MAY be eligible for repair and retirement assistance. Please visit to inquire of any existing programs.

Can I be smog check exempt too???

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